Master the Composition (Part 3)

Pattern, Textures, Anchor points and the Rule of Odds.


It is just a repetition of lines, shapes curved, etc…. something repeated in a very systematic sequence to create a sort of graphic image. You will find such a pattern in architecture, with nature, and even people sometimes create some kinds of patterns.



Anchor point

In the landscape, it is essential to create a balance in the scene. One of these ways of creating such balance is the anchor points. Anchor point also keeps the viewer’s eye within the frame it takes the eye back and forth within the frame. Once it goes to the main object, it takes the eye back to the beginning of the photo. Meant to the anchor point.

Waterfall Nepal
IIn the above photo, the waterfalls lead the viewer eye to the mountain at the back but the rock at the bottom grab the eye back to the start.
UAE sunrise Fujairah
IIn the above photo, you see the horizon lead to the island. Also, the slow-motion in the water takes the viewer eye to the island too, but the rock at the bottom of the scene takes the eye back to the beginning.

Rule of odds

The Rule of Odds is based on framing your subjects in an odd number. You may have the object surrounded by to other objects. It has been proven that the eye gets comfortable with the odd number of objects.

It is not necessary to have the odd number of objects like 3 or 5, but sometimes you may have 4 or 6 number of objects, but they grouped to have an odd number of groups. The two photos show the difference between the four subjects and the three subjects as a group.

My advice always to everyone is to take photos as much as you can before, even going through these kinds of rules or tools. By doing so, you will train your eye to see and feel the beauty. Afterward, you learn those tools. Once you master them, you can break them. But it makes a huge difference when you break the tools that you know.

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