Master the Composition (Part 2)

In part 1 we talked about the tools of the composition and how to get the best frame using these tools. we talked only about the rule of third.

In this part we are going to talk about:

Framing, Layers, Leading lines


It is about how to create a frame like the above trying to surround the interesting subject with a frame to narrow the eye to the center of the s


Don’t you think that Layers create depth in the scene? the difference in the color tones and their levels creates a feeling like it is a 3D photo. you feel that you are inside the picture

Leading lines


In the above black and white image, the curve creates a nice leading line to the center of the scene and then two other curves create somehow an eye surrounding the buildings and their reflection.

Check the above picture, you will find the edges of the lake act as curves leading your eyes to the end of the scene.

Diagonal lines

Straight Lines

In the above picture, the lines starting with a wide distance and it became narrow the more you go into the scene give you the feeling of the depth due to the perspective created by these leading lines. these leading straight lines take your eyes to the end of the photo.

See you in Part 3

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